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Maximum Change Leadership and Business Consulting engage and develop strong organizations for the 21st century. The Maximum Change team are considered Thought Leaders in Business Operations, Organization and Strategic Leadership. We facilitate change through the design and implementation of strategies, strategic foresight and planning!
  • Setting Realistic Goals

    Successful organizations require great leaders who are dedicated to self-improvement, growth and a lifetime pursuit of learning. Successful leaders understand the importance of setting and achieving realistic goals and the impact their influence has on their followers success.
  • Develop Focus. Deliver Results.

    Maximum Change, Inc. is a leadership and business consulting firm that facilitates effective positive change by helping organizations, leaders and high profile individuals develop and implement strategies that develop focus and deliver results.
  • Consistency Delivers Results

    We strive to promote excellence in the lives of our clients; enabling them to understand and practice attributes of leadership at the highest level. Maximum Change will help monitor, guide, measure, administer and encourage our clients to take active and consistent steps toward reaching desired goals.

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No More Employees

February 20th, 2014

It would seem strange to concern ourselves with the labor participation rate 20 years from now. However, as a practitioner of Strategic Foresight, it is just as important to examine the here and now as it is to explore the trends for the future. This creates a textured picture of what the future may hold and it helps organizations navigate potential disruptions in their future. Read more »

4 Steps to Organizational Success | STEP 2: Alignment

February 13th, 2014

When was the last time you checked the alignment of your organization? For many, the answer is likely never! In fact, most probably don’t even know what true organizational alignment consists of. According to Webster’s alignment is an arrangement of groups or forces in relation to one another. Read more »